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Q: What type of events can I hire cars and props for?
A:  We can offer vehicles and props for film and TV work, either static or moving (this depends on the vehicles capabilities of course) Weddings, funerals and certain other events. Cars can be a great addition to your exhibition or convention and act as a real draw for fans, please get in touch to discuss your requirements and we will be only too happy to help. 

Please note we can't hire our vehicles for Proms or Leavers days or stag and hen parties unless for use in a static/display purposes.

Q: Are all the cars available UK wide?

A: We can arrange for most cars to be available for events throughout the UK however transportation costs will be taken into account. Most of the vehicles are available for mainland UK bookings only but again geographical/logistical requirements need to be discussed. Please email us to discuss your requirements and for further information.

 Q: How much is it to hire a particular vehicle or prop?

A: Prices will vary depending on a number of variables, e.g: Vehicle or prop, location, nature of event, time required, distance, fuel etc. Please understand that many of the vehicles need to be supplied on a trailer/transporter and this adds to  the hire cost. If you would like a price for any of our cars please email us with your requirements for a quote. 

Q: What happens if I book a car and it breaks down on the day of the booking?
A: All of our cars are classic cars, some of them are over seventy years old! Because of this you should bear in mind there is always a slight chance that a car could break down or be unavailable. If this happens we will do our best to try and make alternative arrangements or if time allows, organise another car. We ALWAYS advise the hirer to have back-up arrangements incase the worst happens, of course this is a rare and hopefully never needed precaution but we feel its only fair to outline all parts of the hiring process. 
Film car hire CANNOT be held responsible for any unforeseen circumstances including but not limited to mechanical failure, accidents or illness etc that will prevent the car turning up on the day. Film car hire will only be liable for the refund of payment actually received if a suitable alternative cannot be found.

Q: Are all the cars original screen used vehicles?
A: Our cars all all replicas, we try to make them as screen accurate as possible but they are not from the original features. Some of our cars have been driven by or used by famous faces, where this is the case we mention it in the vehicles info.

Q: Can I eat, drink or smoke in any of the cars?
A: No, sorry we don't allow any of the above in any of the cars unfortunately. 

Q: Can I drive the cars myself?

A: Sorry but this is not possible due to health and safety and insurance reasons. Professional production companies may be able to use them for this purpose but prior agreements would need to be discussed.

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